The Crypto Industry is ready for Disruption

The Crypto Industry is ready for Disruption

News and information about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are widely spread across the Internet, turning into a permanent feature online. However, the main question is, can people understand Cryptocurrencies that easily. Although the information is available in plenty, there is also a lot of buzz about blockchain, candlesticks, decentralization, statistics, etc that are more likely to scare a newbie who has only heard about Bitcoin and not educate him. Besides that, a few questions can also be used to examine this easily accessible information like-whether it is current? Is it Impartial and well-curated? These questions can sometimes lead to uncertainty about the news that we get every day about crypto and make us question its reliability.

Keeping all this in mind, is a website that is trying to address the distribution and osmosis of information and news regarding cryptocurrency. This startup is aiming to be the main body of news of all things related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This project funded by the founders and early investors and it strives to be the best informational platform accessible for all types of crypto traders. This platform gives all the required information, thorough analysis, individual tools, and a bespoke school program that will educate any newbie quite thoroughly.


By bringing together information and tools NewsCrypto tries to attain the following:

  1. Deliver well-curated data to those clients who want to know about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This is done with the help of a user-friendly informational platform and professionally created for both newbies and experienced people. NewsCrypto has a unique three-tier system-
    a) The Beginner Tier targets people with little or no experience with crypto trading.
    b) The Intermediate Tier aims for junior traders who are trying to take it a step further.
    c) The Advanced Tierwhich is meant for professional traders.

    NewsCrypto is trying to empower clients with the best technical expert market analysis and to obtain this NewsCrypto is extending to its members expert market insights, data access, time-saving possibilities, and exchange options. This is accompanied by options like instant news alerts about the changes taking place in the market- both desired and unexpected.



Currently, has a beta version of their flagship platform and you can access it using your email address to register and login to the Beginner Tier. The Beginner Tier also provides various options to beginners giving them access to various graphs, altcoin police, a coin calendar, and a coin tracker. Other options like trade, whale alert, arbitrage, as well as mining are accessible under Intermediate and Advanced Tiers which will be paid options utilizing the NWC token.



The most important part of the NewsCrypto platform is the NWC token which is a blockchain-based token that can be used by users to openly access data provided by NewsCrypto. This stellar blockchain is a unique way to mint crypto tokens on as it is stable, fast and has a low transaction cost over other blockchains. This feature is bound to give NWC superiority in the market.

As many as 280 million NWC tokens will be coined and NewsCrypto has announced that they will burn 20% of the collected ones as membership fees, thus allowing the project to attain organic growth as well as growth in token value.



The NWC token wallet can be procured by following the given steps

  1. Firstly, download your wallet from this link-
  2. Create your wallet and then log in
  3. Open a new tab “trust”
  4. Then add trust for NWC by using manual trust at the bottom
  5. Use the Asset CODE: NWC
  7. Once you add manual trust your account can receive NWC



This project was newly announced on bitcointalk and it got good feedback from testers who got a chance to examine the beta platform and also crypto enthusiasts. Henceforth, NWC token will be posted directly on several exchanges soon, as the team is now involved in negotiations with the exchanges. The team will soon announce a massive bounty programme via bitcointalk to further promote this project and also use other social media sites for promotion. So you must be on alert for this bounty programme and token exchange listing to benefit.


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