Closer look on insider info detection in Crypto on Blockchain, Coinbase BAT listing example

By Jakub W | Blockchain Mysteries | 30 Nov 2018

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In this article/video I would like to have detailed look on movements on ETH chain prior to the BAT Coinbase pro listing. Speculate a bit and more importantly show you how can you do your own research in Etherscan to see some interesting movements on the chain. Most people are not thinking about these movements are sometimes happening prior to the market changes and following them can bring you interesting insight.


If you’ll be interested, I can continue with these looks and create some more detailed tutorial.



Methodology I haven't included everything in the video, ofc I had to find median and average daily deposited tokens to be sure these amounts of tokens are not deposited every other day, please check ODS files there you can see all the data I was working with and create your own conclusions.

Resources for this video:


BAT coinbase PRO listing (timestamp: 1541188810)


Investor's Binance address


Source ETH address


Santiment APP

Useful tool for token/ crypto analysis, in video I’m using their free python API.


ODS Binance BAT deposits 


ODS Santiment in/out Exchanges 

Movement trackers

Movement tracers can be used for notify you about big transaction you should know about.


Whale Alert 

Excellent solution to see some big movements on multiple chains.



My solution which is more aimed on deposits and their analysis, it's only for tokens and currently supporting over 100+ of them.

Jakub W
Jakub W

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Blockchain Mysteries

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