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By Dogito | Blockchain - Meta Era | 2 Apr 2022

Are you ready to TRAIN TO EARN !

My previous post i gave information about ZENFI (here is link). In March 18 they published their app called ZENAI. In this app they ll collect users data for their future project Intelligent NFT. By the end of project (In Q2 2022) all people ll be able to create their INFT. 

Let me show you about the app ZENAI. How is worked. The app is now available on Google Play and IOS marketplace. 


In ZenAI app, you ll focus on building the ability to recognize images and color for the future Intelligent NFT. it will not be as easy as choosing some random shapes, the images will be placed in different angles and painted with different colors. 


To download the app click HERE 

You can EARN minimum 15 ZEN  in the app. It ll take just 5 mins to get it.  And eventually 450 ZEN equal to 1 ZENFI coin. Right now 1 ZENFI is 2$ . But except Pancakeswap it s not listed yet. So it s expecting to be more than $ 100 future time. My next post i ll write how to convert ZENAI to ZENFI it s also so easy. You may follow me for future posts. Thanks.

DOWNLOAD ZENAI APP: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.zenai.io



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Blockchain - Meta Era
Blockchain - Meta Era

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