ZENFI AI Preview Tokenization- AI Metaverse

Zenfi AI- (Metaverse) Economic Model-Tokenization

By Dogito | Blockchain - Meta Era | 28 Feb 2022

 Zenfi- AI Community trying to code DATA from Human Behaviors and Mind to blockchain. This s the Only community that researching about blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.Also they ll make I-NFT intelligent version. This is also something new. We ll see in the future. So their work is so much important to follow and discover. https://zenfi.ai/#token


Zenfi AI Tokenization

* Total Supply : 42,000,000

* Symbol          : ZENFI

*  Contract       : 0xA84d7A90bDbBe6dE3FFFe9B7F549366320EF90D3

*  Standart      : BEP-20

Supply of ZENFI AI



As you see ZENFI total supply of only 42,000,000. Acorrding to their effort to Metaverse, This coin has so much potantial to pump up soon. So far listed on Coinmarketcap and coingecko. The token is listed on Pancakeswap right now. They ll list ZENFI in this quarter top 2 big DEX market. The weird thing is they dont expose their token using advertisements even promised just 2 ZENFI as airdrops. They started selling ZENFI by 18 Jan. 0,7   ICO 1 . Now ICO 3 running and the Pre sale price already $0.9 for. Once you buy the token locks 180 days  after you ll claim your token. Also they re giving %26 USDT according to your purchase. So its worth to invest ZENFI.

Future ll be in Metaverse and ZENFI ll be one of the milestone of this technology. Free to comment and questions. See you another blog. 


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Blockchain - Meta Era
Blockchain - Meta Era

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