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Zenfi AI - Intelligent Metaverse Preview

By Dogito | Blockchain - Meta Era | 27 Feb 2022

As you realized metaverse era is growing developing day by day.After Facebook announced the metaverse; Ads, special VR glasses, games, meetings, social activities,Netflix serials, films,  buying lands no exist physically. we see much more now. Soon metaverse ll be known more then ever. It is going to be part of our life. Like internet. We cant live any sec. without phone or connection. Metaverse ll be the  same. So we have to be ready.


Today i m trying to explain you the community trying to make Metaverse -Intelligent.

ZENFI AI. In the future we ll hear this name more and more. So ZENFI AI protocols aims  -searching  Artifial Intelligence and make suitable for humans. they re trying to collect human mind and soul etc datas so each human being ll be able to create their own life in metaverse easier, faster. It ll make human mind free to act beyond physical rules. So how they ll create this world ?




Zenfi -  the basis of community first they ll try to get data from train to earn based games. According to their future plan we see it ll be realised after Q2 2022. In this games we ll train the Artifial Intelligence by our behaviors by using our brain. Like we did past like helping google translate, solving problems, choosing the right pic on CAPTHA. So the apps ll collect data from our behaviors and ll develop the AI. And after enough data they ll code the behaviors and transfer into the METAVERSE.



As for now we dont know anything about the APPS how they ll look like but CODING human mind it sounds already exciting. In this blog i made and short entrance next i ll tell you about tokenization and economic model of this comminity -ZENFI. I ll put links of the community. You may check if you want. Please free to write. You may add me for more news about meterverse. Thanks. 


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Blockchain - Meta Era
Blockchain - Meta Era

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