WhaleFin - Disappointing

By Dogito | Blockchain - Meta Era | 27 Feb 2022

WhaleFinWhaleFin my disappointing. About 3 weeks ago begining of February. My friend advised to me to download Whalefin and after KYC i ll get  $35 as reward. But when i uploaded my documents it says i must wait 10 business days. Ok i got you. It s reasonable. I waited 5-10 days more but nothing changes. I sent request to support center. Bot replied to me to wait 3 business days and maybe more due to high request. It doesnt make sense to me. 7a85d6468f5187851f96f930e3ee472afe66b329aa2df5582aca5174dc7c868c.jpg

As you can see even after 20 business days later. No change but freaks me out. They got your ID your information. But no result. So guys dont trust APPS like this. Please make search carefully. Dont jump into DISAPOINTMENT! If you have experience like this.Feel free to share.

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Blockchain - Meta Era
Blockchain - Meta Era

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