Axie Infinity Business Is Booming
Stonks Meme Small Love Potion Utility Token

Axie Infinity Business Is Booming

By perrcy | Crypto Gamer | 4 Oct 2020

It has been a wonderful ride with Axie Infinity since the start of the ridiculous trading of their token...Small Love Potion (SLP). The ceiling price of the token went as high as $0.20 at one point but now dipped to a stable price range of between $0.02 to $0.09. Which is kind of frustrating honestly and not what you expect from a game that has been increasing in popularity. What you would expect is that the token price would be increasing as more players are invested in the game but it hasn't been the case. Price has been stale for almost 3 months now. What I think makes the price surge high is when rich kids invest their money to play in the game. For example, they won't grind for the tokens but rather buy them through exchanges. It would save them lots of time and they'll just play this for fun winning through the adventure mode. Also, they will try to buy tokens to breed Axies for cosmetics and collection. You know, something just to brag to their crypto gaming friends. Overall this game needs more promotion to increase the player base.

Small Love Potion Price Chart 90 Days

SLP (Small Love Potion) price has been stale for the last 3 months. Ceiling price was at $0.20 and wish token price would go beyond that again.

SLP token isn't just the only booming business. It's also the sales of other tokens by Axie Infinity. Though they get overlapped by Axies themselves let's not forget that there are Lands, and items.

Axie Infinity Total Sales For the Month

For the last 30 days, total sales of all tokens by this game is a whooping 14,073 assets. Totaling at 4,250 ETH or $1.4 million. That's a lot of money being spent by gamers. It's going to be expected as gamers are converting their SLPs to ETH to purchase other goods for playing the game or investing it on other Axie Infinity assets. A couple of months ago, it was only around 3,000 sales a month. What a huge improvement this game has been doing in just 3 months though the game has been around since 2018.

When talking about Axie Infinity assets, we have collectibles which are limited edition for bragging rights that you are a rich kid and is able to display that wealth online or just plainly buying as investment. We have a list of them:

1) Origin Axies - These are the Axies that started it all. You can consider them as the great-great-great-great-....grandpas or grandmas of all the Axies you see on the marketplace.

2) Mystic Axies - these are the most prized possessions in the game. They're like the jewels or diamonds that you possess to brag how wealthy you are as the floor price currently(at the time of this post)  for this type of Axie is at 4.7 ETH ($1,626.74).

3) MEO Corp Axies - I don't know much about MEO Corp Axies since I've never played this game since it's start in 2018. It was supposed to be like a loot crate that you buy and you instantly get Adult Axies from Normal to the Rarest. I don't know why they halted this part of their content. There are both MEO I and MEO II Corp Axies on the market and the lowest price available is 0189 ETH ($65.55).

4) Land - This digital real estate is one of the sought after purchases in Axie Infinity due to the fact that it's limited edition and playable when the Terrarium is released. However, nobody knows when they will be able to finish and will be able to utilize their land tokens. Floor price is 0.412 ETH ($142.27).

5) Items - These are tokens that you can utilize when you have land. You can install them to have bonus stats for your Axies when fighting against Chimeras (enemies in the Axie world). Floor price is at 0.009 ETH ($3.13).

I'll have a much more detailed comparison with the token prices in my future posts. There are chart providers for Axie Infinity but all I see are average prices. I'll be using my own spreadsheets and charts for this study in the future.




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