Axie Infinity Origin's Preview: Ear Cards!

By Yotingo | Blockchain Gaming 2022 | 23 Mar 2022

The Axe Infinity team just released their latest newsletter with a preview of the cards for the Upcoming Axie Infinity: Origin! It's time for the ear parts this time! This batch of cards look even better than the last ones, Again, I am here to share the cool stuff with you!

Please note that nothing is set in stone here and the cards are likely going to change before official release, based on community feedback and all the data gathered from playtesting. Most of these cards will probably keep their mechanic's spirit either way. As you may have noticed, some of these cards are not yet complete and may be missing text or ability!

As you may have also probably noticed, these are all new gameplay additions, as previously ear parts did not have cards attached to them! This means the ears will feature in Origin battles. The Axie team is currently revamping all of the existing gameplay meta based on what we can see so far in all of the Origin map previews they've released! I can't wait to try them all!

I have to admit that the team really stepped up on revamping the cards and everything they are working on is really good looking! I love the new mechanics and it will surely bring some brand new cool gameplay! The new images are amazing and I can't wait to try these new cards! Check it out!








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