As Online Privacy Erodes, Multiple Crypto Startups are Fighting Back

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Breaches of data are increasingly commonplace. There's a saying that goes: if the product is free, you are the product.

Think about it for a bit, and you'll soon realize how true the saying is, as well as how we all play right into it every single day. 

Chances are high that today, you've already been on FB or Googled something.

These mega-corps steal our data, leak our data, and profit from selling it without asking us first.

You know those creepy retargeting ads that follow you all over the Internet? I don't like them, either, and like the junk that fills your snail-mail box at home, it's time we put an end to it all.

Blockchain solutions to invasions of privacy come in two flavors: software and hardware...

The Software Approach

Privacy-focused software is a growing niche. Lots of organizations are attacking the problem from different angles. has ads on tap, ready and waiting for you to watch at your leisure.

Datafund and Datum are creating permission-based marketing ecosystems in which you earn tokens for selling your data anonymously.

The persistence of the issue means we'll continue to see a proliferation of these projects. And that's not only beneficial for the blockchain; it's also a boost towards a more civilized society.

Blockchain tech is going to disintermediate a global horde of crooked operators.

But software isn't the only way to go about it...

Hardware in the Middle

Similar to how Ledger provides a hardware solution to storing your crypto assets, the Honeypod acts as a layer of protection between you and the vast pit of scams and shenanigans we call the Internet.

The device connects to your router and provides multiple benefits:

  • Prevents exposure to invasive ads and pesky tracking systems 
  • Protects every device on your entire home network, including IoT devices in the near future
  • Declutters your Internet connection to boost speed by up to 50%
  • Rewards users with crypto for browsing the web 

Here's a 1-minute explainer for you:

The First 1k Adopters Reap the Biggest Rewards

As of writing, 674 customers already have a Honeypod coming their way on May 1, 2019 -- the projected ship date.

Why should you care? Well, the first users gain access to a slew of exclusive perks:

  • 2,000 multi-purpose HNY tokens (built on the Stellar blockchain) for use throughout the ecosystem
  • 100% of the revenue generated via your Honeypod's permission-based advertising system (estimated @ $1,500 - $3,000 annually)
  • Free hardware upgrades as new versions come to market, up to 3 weeks earlier than anyone else
  • Roadmap voting rights
  • 10-year hardware warranty
  • Swag: pens, stickers, t-shirt

Pre-order price: US $99

Now, if the team can achieve even a small percentage of its ad revenue goals, the Honeypod can pay for itself many times over in the first year alone.

And remember, these benefits only apply to the initial 1,000 customers. Once the pre-order units sell out, the rewards above may become unavailable or get trimmed.

As of Jan. 18, only 326 pre-order units remain.


Wrapping up...

The Internet is a wondrous yet nasty place. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Team Honeypod aims to make surfing the web a cleaner, more secure experience. And a compact, plug-and-play hardware device is a convenient way to go about it. 

Plus, while you're protecting your privacy and home network from potential attacks, you can score spendable, tradeable crypto in the process. Win-win!


HODL on, my fellow Cryptonauts!

~ BlockchainAuthor


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