Tokenized FIL Tokens Launch For DeFi Use While Filecoin Tops 1B GB Storage

Tokenized FIL Tokens Launch For DeFi Use While Filecoin Tops 1B GB Storage

Ali Raza, the atuhor from Inside Bitcoins portal in his new article says that *Tokensoft and Anchorage, two crypto infrastructure providers, have teamed up in order to wrap Filecoin’s native FIL token. Through doing so, the decentralized file storage network’s token can be used on the Ethereum network, opening up a lot of doors for the protocol.*

Topics that he covered in the article:

  • New Array Of Use Cases For wFIL
  • Filecoin Boasting 1 Exbibyte In Data Storage
  • Starting To Compete With Centralized Cloud Services

So, if you are interested in this topic, go *HERE* and read the full article.

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Blockchain Announcements

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