Some Humans think that Bitcoin will hit 500.000$ over the coming years | Bitcoinist Explained WHY?

By Googler | Blockchain Announcements | 7 Nov 2020

All cryptocurrencies will explode and Blockchain, in general, will rule the world soon, right? Now, there is the question *what are we gonna do with that idea* because we can take actions now and be rich later. But that's just thoughts, not facts.

Today, Nick Chong on the Bitcoinist portal explained the story about Bitcoin's rise to the sky as a rocket saying:

Bitcoin has undergone a strong rally over the past few weeks and in the past few months. In the past 30 days alone, the coin is up 50%, while since March, the cryptocurrency has gained 350%. Bitcoin seems poised to move higher as the fundamentals of the space continue to align in favor of growth. But how far will the cryptocurrency rally? Can the coin sustain a move far above the previous all-time highs of $20,000?

Content is not too long and it's easy to read, so if you are interested in this topic, please click <HERE> to read the full article.

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Blockchain Announcements
Blockchain Announcements

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