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Singapore-Based BCB Blockchain Partners Huawei in Tech Startup Support Initiative

Singapore-Based BCB Blockchain Partners Huawei in Tech Startup Support Initiative | SuperCryptoNews

By Googler | Blockchain Announcements | 24 Oct 2020

He//o World... Welcome to Blockchain Announcements!

A few hours ago, one of the Blockchain news leaders, SuperCryptoNews publish a very interesting article where they say that "Building Cities Beyond (BCB) Blockchain, a Singapore-based blockchain, and fintech firm is known for its tremendous support for tech startups in Southeast Asia region, recently announced its collaboration with Huawei to extend support to growing projects and smart city solutions in the Asian region. The partnership will also see both parties utilizing BCB’s proprietary protocol to further enhance projects that are created in the AI and blockchain field, according to a press release shared with SuperCryptoNews."

It's important information and I will copy their content hereunder quote marks to let you read without redirections, but, you should go to their article *HERE* and read it because of views, etc.

They said:

Huawei’s cloud storage solutions are a plus for projects which are developed on the BCB protocol, ensuring smooth data transfers and synchronization, and also boosting security for the BCB ecosystem as a whole. Moreover, BCB will also have access to curated projects selected by Huawei’s AI Lab in Singapore.

“The pandemic has proven to be a ”black swan” for the tech sector by driving digitalization and innovative solutions. Moving forward, the BCB team understands the need for a multi-layered ecosystem for future cutting-edge solutions”, said Vanessa Koh, Chief Technology Officer of BCB Blockchain.

The partnership has led to substantive results which are already visible today – server costs have been reduced 20%, while developers on the BCB protocol can also safely execute decentralized applications with deployed nodes.

Previously, BCB Blockchain offered a $15 million grant to 1,000 tech startups with immense potential as it plays a leading role in accelerating tech developments in Asia. The company has also made significant headway into the Philippines, collaborating with multiple stakeholders, including startups, to bring smart city technology to the masses.

SCN spoke with BCB Blockchain in an exclusive interview with Vanessa Koh earlier this month. Read the full interview here.

Hope this announcement was useful for you, if it is, please go to their article and leave a comment.

Thanks for your priceless attention and have a good life!

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Blockchain Announcements
Blockchain Announcements

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