🔥 ProBit’s 2nd Birthday Party - 50,000 USDT To Be Won! 🎁 Review

🔥 ProBit’s 2nd Birthday Party - 50,000 USDT To Be Won! 🎁 Review

ProBit isn't my favorite exchange platform but my mission is to inform Publish0x users of nice and profitable opportunities, I don't share just what I want.

So, I got a mail where stay that ProBit celebrate their 2nd Birthday and launched a 50.000 USDT airdrop.

In mail stays this:

Celebrate ProBit’s 2nd Birthday Party and Earn Huge USDT Rewards

☄️Total Prize Pool: 50,000 USDT
Event duration: 1 November 2020, 00:00 KST - 30 November 2020, 23:59 KST
💥Complete the 3 steps below and earn 25 USDT (first 1,000 to complete all steps)
1️⃣Trade a minimum 5,000 USDT in volume for any of the following

🔹BTC (KRW and USDT pairs)
🔹ETH (BTC, KRW, and USDT pairs)
🔹XRP (BTC, KRW, and USDT pairs)
🔹BTCBULL (KRW and USDT pairs)
🔹BTCBEAR (KRW and USDT pairs)
🔹BTCHEDGE (KRW and USDT pairs)

2️⃣Subscribe to any of the 4 Exclusives in November
👉BLZ Exclusive Page >
3️⃣Setup ProBit Grid Trading on Bituniverse 
*Learn how to set up automated buy low/sell high grid trades

If you are interested in this, please click *HERE* to read the full instructions on ProBit's article.

Thanks for your priceless attention and have a good life!

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