Market Wrap: Bitcoin Loses Steam at $15.9K; Over 600K ETH Yanked From DeFi | Daniel Cawrey @ CoinDesk

By Googler | Blockchain Announcements | 7 Nov 2020

Value trading and investing are the most perfect jobs that every human wishes to do forever. It's heavy to learn and start but it is not too hard. All we need is learn is read as much as we can. Books, articles, or anything... Just read.

Today, Daniel Cawrey, market reporter and co-author of *Mastering Blockchain* upcoming book, published a very nice article on CoinDesk where he says:

A bitcoin price push higher will likely require the return of higher-than-average spot volumes. Volumes for Friday were much lower than Thursday, which at $1,569,081,137 was the highest daily average volume day since July 27. On that summer day it hit $1,579,784,44 on major USD/BTC spot exchanges. As of press time, Friday’s spot exchange volume was at $1,064,734,786. 

There is much amazing content where we can find many pieces of the puzzle and make a bigger picture of the Blockchain market, so if you are interested in this topic, please click <HERE> to read the full article.

Thanks for your priceless attention and have a good life!

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Blockchain Announcements
Blockchain Announcements

The purpose of the blog is to force me to explore projects looking for NEWS | Updates | Changes | Promotional Offers | etc. It's my "strategy" to stay informed about new things but this idea is much useful to you as a reader, too. Target is Blockchain and everything that's built on it... So let's find something fresh.

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