Human Capital: Google’s labor stumbles

By Googler | Blockchain Announcements | 5 Dec 2020

Megan Rose Dickey from TechCrunch portal in a new article says that *This week, Google made headlines a couple of times for its workplace issues, while Coinbase found itself back in the news after the New York Times reported on alleged issues of racism and discrimination at the cryptocurrency startup. On the more positive side, however, Nasdaq proposed to the SEC some diversity requirements for public companies.*

Here what is covered in the article:

  • Alleged racial discrimination at Coinbase 
  • Pinterest faces a lawsuit from shareholders alleging race and gender discrimination
  • NLRB alleges Google unlawfully surveilled employees and violated other labor laws
  • Google’s co-lead of the Ethical AI team says she was fired for sending an email
  • Instacart outlines its healthcare subsidies for workers in California
  • Nasdaq wants to require diversity at the board level

To read the whole content, you should be able to invest a little more time but if you think that's worth it, go *HERE* and read the full article!

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Blockchain Announcements
Blockchain Announcements

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