Hindsight In 2020: Bitcoin Brings Investors 16x Returns Over The S&P 500 | NewsBTC
2020 has been a wild ride of a year. Missle strikes in Iran and tensions between the US and China to start the year seem triv

Hindsight In 2020: Bitcoin Brings Investors 16x Returns Over The S&P 500 | NewsBTC

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Tony Spilotro, the author from NewsBTC published an amazing article where he says this:

Bitcoin has for several months now, captured the crown for 2020 as the most profitable mainstream asset of the year. Whatever the reason is behind the unstoppable momentum, the recent divergence between crypto and stocks, and even precious metals, has the leading cryptocurrency by market cap reaching over 16x times the return of the S&P 500, and nearly four times the return of gold.

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