Blockchain Research Institute | Blockchain Revolution Weekly: November 13th | EVENT

Blockchain Research Institute | Blockchain Revolution Weekly: November 13th | EVENT

The newsletter is an ideal way to be informed, you know. It's giving your email address to get news from the resources of choice and all you need is checking your email inbox.

However, I got an email from BRI (Blockchain Research Institute) on 13. November 2020. 22:46 (1h ago) about some Blockchain Revolution and there stays:

Hi Edin, (which is my real name, by the way... nice to meet you!)

This week we continued to see Bitcoin soar, up and over $16,000 USD to another multi-year high. The positive momentum comes just-in-time as PayPal opens up cryptocurrency buying, holding, and selling to its user-base, an unprecedented move that will give millions of everyday consumers access to the crypto asset world.

With the promise of Central Bank Digital Currency picking up in the dialogue of governments and banks around the world, it would seem that companies like PayPal are diving into the blockchain and crypto-asset space, looking to co-opt the movement lest they get left behind or beat out by one of their competitors.

At the Blockchain Research Institute, we were excited to open up Blockchain Revolution Global to post-event on-demand streaming, and are now offering registration for 50% off using the code BRG20OnDemand50 here. Even if you missed the event between October 26-30, you can still access all of the content for the event, including expert insights from more than 240 speakers over a period of five days. 

I hope you enjoy this week's newsletter and remember to register for BRG2020 On-Demand!


Noah Lehman

Director of Communications

Blockchain Research Institute 

The reason why I share this with you is that I don't think using this code, but it looks too adorable to ignore, so, you can use it if you want or don't.

However. Thanks for your priceless attention and have a good life!

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Blockchain Announcements

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