Ajit Tripathi | Bitcoin Is Good for PayPal, but Is PayPal Good for Bitcoin? | CoinDesk

Ajit Tripathi | Bitcoin Is Good for PayPal, but Is PayPal Good for Bitcoin? | CoinDesk

Ajit Tripathi, a volunteer contributor to CoinDesk focusing on topics covering the intersection of traditional finance with blockchain and digital-asset technologies and crypto co-host of the Breaking Banks Europe podcast, in his new article says:

Shortly thereafter, crypto euphoria hit new heights when Southeast Asia’s largest bank, DBS, announced plans to launch a full-fledged crypto exchange. The announcement was later removed by the bank, but the crypto community had found enough reasons already to take bitcoin from $10,000 to $14,000 in two weeks. 

He's also covered these parts:

  • Numbers go up! You only live once.

  • Good for bitcoin?

  • Regulation 10x

  • Where regulators draw the line

  • What this means for crypto

  • Is the crypto party over now?

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Blockchain Announcements

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