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How To Pay For Your Goods And Services Using Crypto.

So often many people ask me, kayan, can you use your crypto to pay for your daily services and goods, and my answer is yes you can, and in this post am going to share with you how you can use your earned crypto to pay for your daily services and goods, for those of you who have never heard of the tap network, allow me to introduce to you, the system that allows you to pay for your goods and services,


Tap Rewards : is a gift card market for brave users where you can purchase gift cards and sweepstakes from popular brands using BAT (Basic Attention Token) and your uphold account. BAT is a currency used by Brave Browser to reward users for allowing ads in their browser experience. Earned BAT can be deposited into your Uphold account.

Once you log in or sign up with Uphold and verify your identity, you will be able to browse the gift cards and make a purchase.

All purchased cards are stored in the TAP homepage Wallet and can be accessed at any time. Gift cards include hundreds of options from top retailers and brands like Walmart, Amazon, Target, Spotify, uber, Addidas and while sweepstakes include gift cards and the latest tech and its very simple, quick and easy to join, all you have to do is create or log in with your Uphold account. Browse and choose a gift card or sweepstakes. Select any available currency in your account. Redeem, and start shopping


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