Publish0x and the tipping coins: how I use the gems.

Publish0x and the tipping coins: how I use the gems.

Publish0x have been for a year and couple of months my best platform to share and interact with other content creators and readers who loyal follow my job and that is what keep me going, willing to present each day marvelous content to this authentic followers who made me proud.

The platform is the best of the best in the blogging space, with awesome tipping coins only found here, with no other blogging website to offer this gems: Ethereum (ETH), Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Loopring. Those Crypto are absolutely the most capitalized ones in the market being placed in the Top class of the decentralized asset found in CoinMarketCap.


They are wonderful to have in the portfolio.

But what I do with them?!

Well, I love each one of this gems gaven as tip by my readers and followers and I respect each coin accordingly with my needs of Hodl or investing purposes (which I don't do a lot) but also I have particular ways to put them working for me!

I use BAT to explore DeFi (decentralized Finances) and part of my portfolio are locked up on Makerdao protocol which I used to borrow some DAI stablecoin to buy more BAT tokens, and gradually I will repay back my lending without need to sell my beloved tokens. I also have a small portion of Ethereum (ETH) in my Uphold account that I used to purchase some stocks, basically I bought Tesla stocks, to hold them in long run.


Uphold give that opportunity to hold portion of U.S stocks even if the citizen isn't native, and I am a Holder who like to see things evolute with time does why I secure some equities, not that lot but I will patiently to have my profit. I don't particular recommend anyone to hold this stocks if you wanna earn profit in short time, this can take a lot to get dividends, and there are quantities which are allowed to receive dividends when others don't, first make your "homework" before adventure in this market.

I barely exchange Loopring (LRC) and I am collecting this ones in my private wallet and I glad that they are gaining some pretty value, if we remember (when Publish0x started to use as tipping asset) the token was below $0.023 cents and now are in $0.18 mark and ascending.

Publish0x give liquidity tokens and is up to us how we use them to maximise the personal potential in each of them, of course pay some bills or use them to proportionate a quality time to your loved ones if possible.


Take care have a great weekend.

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