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Generating Negative Air Ions(NAI) for Positivity

By ThreeKnowledge | ThreeKnowledge | 3 Jan 2021

The best place to unwind could be a place high up in a mountain, breezy sea side or a quiet open natural place with fresh air.

Why is the ambience good? The reason being the air quality is good with plenty of negative air ion (NAI) particles.
This negatively charged particles will absorb the pollutants and toxins in the air.

On average, every minute a person breathes in and breathes out 12 to 20 times. Each time a person breathes out, the air surrounding them will get the influence of the person. 

Have you wondered why a person who has so much positive energy entering the room can bright up the whole room? The air they breathe out has the positivity. The same goes for a person who has negative thoughts. Surrounding oneself with such negative thoughts person can cause discomfort to some such as headaches and gloominess.

It is very essential to have the right kind of people around us at least scientifically! 

Additionally, there are many molds and dusts particles that float in the indoor air with poor air circulation. This could lead to air borne allergies and diseases.

It is scientifically proven that Particulate Matter ( PM) in the air causes pollution that adversely affects human health. 

The only way to keep the surrounding in an indoor environment clean is by filtering the air and generating negative air ions (NAI) .

It could be a good idea to have a portable air purifier in a office / work desk. This would really give a very good ambience. 

4 ways to generate negative air ions(NAI):

1. Air purifier

Air purifiers are proven to clean the air. 
In today's era, having an indoor air purifier has become a necessity. Most importantly one has to replace the air filters every 4-6 months for the optimum performance. 

Here are 3 highly recommended air purifiers.

For indoors:

For desk(USB powered and portable for car and travel):


Used together with a cheap disposable air filter that should be changed yearly at least.

3. Even wearable in side pocket or just carry like a wallet or phone .


2.Lighting up lamps indoors

Candles generate negative ions. Thus, all major faiths have always emphasized the rituals of lighting up lamps in the house. 
Candles can be light as beeswax. Else an earthen lamp can be bought, and a wick could be lighted up with the oil poured in. 

Certain oils are said to attract prosperity. In ancient Oriental culture, it is said that lighting up sesame oil and pure ghee will attract immense wealth to the house. 
That explains why it is essential to light up lamp in Hindu and Buddhist temples. Even in Islamic mosques, many lamps are lighted up.  In Judaism, they have the 7 branched lamp called Menorah.

In whatever ways, lighting up a lamp either as a candle or a wick in oil, produces immense positive vibration. 

3. Having a waterfall feature.

The water shearing is a powerful feature of inducing negative ions. 

In fact, that explains why one feels calm after a shower, where many negative air ions were generated. 

It is always experienced that a simple architecture design of trickling water creates positive ambience.
For some the waterfall sound could be irritating.
In indoors, this could be achieved by having a decorative piece where the water trickles quietly. 
Still water can attract insects. Thus, it is essential that the water is not still, but moving by having a pump. 

If not, having a fish tank indoors can generate a lot of luck. Koi Fish is widely believed by Oriental culture to attract immense good luck.
The good luck is generated due to its auspicious color and body markings.

The movement of the fish(whatever breed) in the water tank also shears the water to generate negative air ions (NAI).

4.Wearing Piezoelectric gems to generate negative air ions (NAI).

Piezoelectricity gems are scientifically proven to produce electrical charges just by movement or compression.
Though gem therapy can be termed superstitious, there could be some positive effects by wearing the piezoelectric gems.

One of the piezoelectric gem that is often used in jewelry is tourmaline.

Especially wearing tourmaline jewelries generates good luck scientifically.  How is the good luck generated? It is by counter-reacting any negative thoughts or vibrations in the body. 

Thanks for reading.

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