7 Virtual Tours to Visit Online From Comfort of Home

By ThreeKnowledge | ThreeKnowledge | 3 Jan 2021

Here are listing of Top 7 Enriching Tours to Visit from the Comfort of Home.

1. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History 
Location: Washington DC, USA
Online Exhibits: Nature

2. British Museum

Location: London
Online Exhibits: Human History


Location: Paris
Online Exhibits: Culture  

4. Museums/ Ancients Sites in Egypt

Location: Egypt
Online Exhibits: Ancient Egypt Civilization

5. Ancient Sites under Environmental Threat

Location: Various
Online Exhibits: Sites exposed to environmental threats.

6. Theme Park ( including Legoland and Universal Studios in Orlando )

Location: Orlando
Online Exhibits: Theme parks with online tours and rides

7. 10 Museums under Google Arts and Culture Online Tour

Location: Worldwide
Online Exhibits: Panoramic tour 

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