IBM files Patent for a Blockchain Based Browser - says privacy will be in the hands of users

By | Bitcoinz News | 12 Aug 2019

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IBM file for a patent for a Blockchain Based Browser.  Main purpose, as stated in the patent, appears to be increasing the data privacy and security of user data. 

The Patent filed notes that "the present invention supports a browser privacy mode in a plugin of the browser, which may use blockchain. Even if using this mode triggers locally cached data to exist entirely in volatile memory without saving to persistent storage, the block can be updated with some portions of this information. In this way, standard opt-in privacy methods which are broad and catch-all (e.g., cookies enablement) can be specified for only certain marketing, vendor, or web service providers. Cookies can then be granted access to the block chain based on a key or other de-encryption mechanism, allowing individuals to control their own private web browsing data using block-chain."

This blockchain browser is anticipated to associate identifiers to users browsing patterns, thus helping any unusual activities, preventing breaches and even predicting when such breaches appear to be in progress based on the anomalies.  

Patent states "The detection or prediction of a privacy or security breach may be based on real-time advanced vulnerability scanning and malicious intent detection algorithms."

Whether IBM intends to incorporate cryptocurrency, like Brave Browser, or whether it intends to empower users to interact with advertisers is not clear at this stage.

IBM's move is commendable and taking back the control of personal browsing data is a great use case for blockchain.

What possibilities do you see emerging from this blockchain based browser from IBM?



Photo by Carson Masterson on Unsplash

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