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I will share one of my favorite tokens with you. I was surprised by its usefulness and the idea behind it. At the same time, I tried it myself and found it to work great!
I discovered the coin that I want to write to you about over a year ago. Back then, I didn't fully appreciate the potential of this project! During this time, I got to the stage where I started looking for interesting projects on the Internet, but also cryptocurrencies that I can get for free! This design combined these two advantages.
The creator of the project comes from Japan. The basic assumption of the project is the free distribution of digital currency, which allows people to get rich. So the idea is commendable.
The project has created a very cool mobile application that is clean and very easy to use. You can find it on both the App Store and Google Play. Telegram has good community support and the project is constantly being developed and supplemented with new promotions!
How does the application work?
Have you heard about cashback? For sure . This is the refund you get for purchases made through an app or website. Traditionally, however, returns have been received in fiat currencies! The Social Good application proposes a return in SG cryptocurrency.
SG coins are traded on the BitMart and Bittrex exchanges.


Recently, coin prices have fluctuated in the range of $ 3-4. You can check the current quotations on the above-mentioned exchanges.
The developers believe that the Bitcoin formula will raise the price in proportion to the number of coin holders.
If this market rule works, you can expect significant increases. Will time be like this, it will show. It is certain that we have nothing to lose in this case, because we can get coins for free by doing everyday purchases on the largest shopping sites such as Ebay, Aliexpress, BangGood and many others. I mentioned the world's biggest giants, but the app has a total of over 1,800 online stores!
The app describes exactly how much you can get your money back for purchases and at what time it will happen. Making a purchase does not differ from making them in the standard way, except for the first step, i.e. logging in to the application and going through it to the selected store.
I shop on Aliexpress quite often, so I use the application several times a month.



What's worth adding in the application, no full verification is required. You just need regular registration.
If you choose to join the referral program, you can receive $ 25 in SG for referring someone who signs up and makes purchases through the app. For me it is a win!
Registration link:

Telegram group:

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