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By Hiecho | BitcoinCash | 14 Jul 2020




I  want to share this I've read pieces of information which BCH related because of my curiosity and I pledge my full support.

Here's the data

Tools & Services

TX Highway
It is a blockchain visualizer where it is created by two supporters of BCH. it was made to find a simple way for ordinary users of BCH to visualize transactions on both chains and gives information about the comparison of two competing blockchains of bitcoin.

Bitcoin Fees
It is a comparison of Bitcoin fees and Bitcoin Cash transaction

It is an AI automatic swap.

Coin Dance
Is a community driven by Bitcoin cash Statistics and provides services website who believes that it would access information that was truly allows great ideas to be used and diverse it to the community to become flourishing.

It is a community-maintained Bitcoin Cash merchant directory. Just make a sign-up and verify your email using Gmail or ymail. You can add, edit, and rate BCH accepting merchants afterward.

It is a simple and easy setup to pay a button that can be embedded in your website or blog and start accepting BCH.

is a service that allows users to make a Bitcoin Cash bounty against open-source features.
It is a simplest way to accept BCH as a payment try your online menu. Your customer can barely order you directly from the menu. They don't need to wait to make you order. This is the best way to execute a consumable service of time.
URL shortener to promote BCH

Bitcoin Cash Nodes
A map that gives you sight in Bitcoin Cash nodes around the world by country number and reachable nodes.

Local Bitcoin Cash
Trade and make a buy and sell of BCH

Is a bitcoin cash block explorer.

Is a translator in English, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, and French which accept Bitcoin Cash only as payment.


I'm still learning about BCH and these are the things I've discovered.

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