Meet Josh McIntyre a BCH enthusiast and crypto instructor.

By Hiecho | BitcoinCash | 13 Aug 2020

Meet Josh, a full-time software engineer and BCH enthusiast. An also crypto instructor. He runs also a YouTube Channel to give ideas and information regarding cryptocurrency.

1. Can you introduce yourself to us?

Hi, I'm Josh McIntyre. I'm a full-time software engineer with Microsoft.
(Azure Storage). On the side, I run chaintuts - a project dedicated to explaining Bitcoin and blockchain for all that wants to learn about it.

2. Do you have any organization or project in BCH? If there is, can u tell us about it?

Not BCH specific, but I hope to promote peer-to-peer cash with my tech education project. I want people to fundamentally understand how this
technology works and why it is so important.

3. What are the things that bring you to cryptocurrency?

I started out as a fan of free and open-source software culture and found that cryptocurrency fits those values well. Cryptocurrency is open source, free (as in freedom), and empowers people to hold their own money. I think it's an incredible innovation for folks to have censorship-resistant, decentralized, secure, truly peer-to-peer cash.

4. What is the importance of BCH in your life?

I use Bitcoin Cash to pay for anything I can. I'd rather use my own money and transact securely, rather than trust the banking system and credit card companies.

5. Are there any  Bitcoin Cash platforms that you use?

I use the wallet and Coinomi as mobile wallets, and a hardware wallet. I like to use Coinbase for purchases.

6. What do you think about how Bitcoin Cash will improve in the next couple of years?

Bitcoin Cash is scaling intelligently. Improvements such as CTOR (canonical transaction ordering), Schnorr sigs, and block size increases that work with improvements in processing/bandwidth makes good sense. BCH is the engineer's happy medium between BTC (way too conservative, and ironically too-complex scaling mechanisms) and BSV, the wild-west.

7. Why do you believe in Bitcoin cash?

I believe in BCH because the community supports peer-to-peer cash and worldwide adoption. We can't bring secure money and financial freedom to the world by treating Bitcoin as a rich person's store-of-value hodl toy like the BTC community believes. Those of us that support BCH wants to see everyone benefit from this technology.

8. As a BCH community member. How can you impose positivity to resist the negatives in Bitcoin Cash?

I strongly resist maximalism in any form and focus on the value of the technology rather than infighting. Education is powerful, and I'd rather focus on teaching others than arguing.

9. What is your message to the Bitcoin Cash Community?

Keep innovating, and don't stop pushing for adoption.

I'm glad that Mr.Josh give time to put his insight about Bitcoin Cash here in read cash even he doesn't here.

Also if you want to learn about more in crypto currency kindly seek his YouTube channel and might you have get some idea.

I hope we being peace and survive the pandemic. Thank you.



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