Bitcoin Cash Advantages on it's older brother Bitcoin?

By Hiecho | BitcoinCash | 13 Jul 2020

Since readcash is a BCH community and a lot of people known about BCH because of having sponsorships and advertisement. It is great to see that our community still stands without it's older brother BITCOIN. Although BCH is influenced by the dominance of the older brother and the goal of BCH is to expand and one day Bitcoin takes place.

  • Bitcoin Cash Advantages

The advantages of Bitcoin Cash is having a faster transaction with cheaper fees. Because the field of the BCH is scalable and people can transact on time with the blockchain at any moment.

It has also a quick development team that urges for implementing solutions at a certain time to make upgrades for its feature and make it more scalable in which the BCH community can bring more people to adopt BCH and used it.

As you compare the transaction fees. BCH has a cheaper even you look around for another crypto. It means that the more it can easy to use the more people and investors attract this coin. As you can see in the exchanger that it is has a user concern for giving a small fee for trading. It is a great trading asset against Bitcoin and a solid investment to hedge against Bitcoin, should Bitcoin lose its market dominance one day.

  • The Bitcoin Disadvantages Over on our Bitcoin Cash

The Disadvantage of Bitcoin over BCH is when you compared. It has a mainly regards of scalability issues that Bitcoins encountered in several years. It has shown the advantages of BCH in Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a slower transaction with a larger fee. (How does it feel like?) Bitcoin will continually lose its assets and dominance due to this kind of issue of scalability and unexpected transaction fees.

Another issue is the core development team of Bitcoin doesn't have unity to embrace and mold the features of their crypto. Just like others like ETH for example. They have divided groups into one representing coin with incompetent and lack of consistency as leaders.

It is the main reason why they can't upgrade their scalability because of broken ideas and loss of their unity and it is difficult to agree on and implement a network for the bitcoin upgrades.

Being informative can help a person to acknowledge things related to BCH and for its own community.


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