Online Bitcoin Wallet For Beginners
Online Bitcoin Wallet For Beginners

By MariusN | bitcoin-wallet | 22 Jul 2019

Cryptocurrencies began to grow again in the price and volume of capitalization, and this means that it is time to think about investing. If you are a beginner, you probably have a lot of questions. Particular attention is paid to Bitcoin — the standard of this industry. Let’s start with the base — creating a bitcoin wallet.


Why do you need a bitcoin wallet

Why do I need a wallet? Obviously, to store cryptocurrency, but is it possible to start investing without it?

Not. Digital assets are devoid of material form, in fact, it is a combination of different characters, the code that is transmitted from the device to the device. The wallet in this case serves as a server that can receive and contain this code — without it, the money will simply have nowhere to send.


       Bitcoin wallet


The vault also performs a protective function, saving your money from falling into unauthorized hands, but this is understandable.

It can be difficult for a beginner to choose a suitable service or site, because there is serious competition in the developer market. This may be a desktop or computer version, paper, hardware model, but most often — an online platform.


What are the criteria for choosing the best bitcoin wallet?

When choosing a good bitcoin wallet for beginners you need to consider several important criteria:

  1. Simplicity. Many wallets, especially desktop ones, require manual settings and at least a minimal understanding of the nature of assets. They need to download, install, download blockchain — in general, the mass of unnecessary nuances;
  2. The convenience of use. This includes several sub-items, including the interface: basic functions should be visible so that no one has to look for buttons for 10 minutes;
  3. Number of users. The more people tried this or that service and made an opinion about it, the better. Feel free to communicate with experienced miners and investors and learn from them which sites you should pay attention to;
  4. Optional features. These are options from the category of additional optional: multicurrency, the possibility of buying and selling, infographics, online display of exchange rates and other nice widgets that simplify life. is one of the wallets that meets all the specified criteria: it’s really easy, safe and convenient to work with.


Creating a bitcoin wallet for beginners

One of the features of the bitcoin wallet is the simplicity of creating an account.

Step one. Follow the link to the official website:

Step two. Enter the requested information — email address and password no shorter than 10 characters.

Step three. View the additional options enabled by default, deselect them if necessary.

You do not need to confirm registration via mail — you immediately get into your personal account, where you can familiarize yourself with several sections. On the side, the current Bitcoin rate always hangs in real time.

Do not give, consciously or unintentionally, the password from the account to unauthorized people: in one of the sections is stored your private key, giving access to money. It may not have been the best solution to post it here, but the developers have focused on anonymity — your data, including email, is not stored in their database, because the key cannot be sent by email or in any other alternative way.

By the way, for the same reason you will not be helped with account recovery in case of loss of login data — you will have to create a new bitcoin wallet and forget about the money stored in the old one forever.



Wallet functions

Bitcion Wallet for beginners performs several basic functions.

Purchase. You can buy Bitcoin right here, although nothing hurries to use the services of an exchanger or exchange, where you only need to make a transfer in rubles or other fiat currency and specify the address of your cryptocurrency wallet.

Conclusion. Almost the same as buying: can be made directly on the website, in the exchanger or on the exchange. All services charge a fee for transfers. The amount in the selected currency will be sent to your card or electronic payment system after cryptocurrency transfer.

Exchange. Exchange for other currencies is essentially the same buying and selling, only with digital assets. An important caveat: for the asset that you want to buy, you also need your wallet, since this one works only with Bitcoin.

Translations. Transfers between wallets — the simplest procedure of all listed. You just need to enter the recipient’s wallet’s public key and transfer amount, and then press the confirmation button. Transaction processing time may vary from an hour to a full day, this is normal.

Story. Not really a feature, but rather an opportunity. You can view information about transactions in the corresponding section of your personal account.



The best bitcoin wallet for beginners has several features that are worth highlighting:

Confidentiality. Neither the developer, nor even third parties even know your name, from the contact information — only email, which is used as a login and is not stored in the database;

The ability to change the amount of transaction fees. This option is highlighted during registration: you can accept it or reject it if you think that it will not be needed in the future;

Convenience. The wallet does not need to download, the only condition for use is access to the Internet;

Free status. The developer does not charge money for a subscription to your product, but if you wish, you can make donations to support the project financially.




All about bitcoin wallets.

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