XRP is 10 times safer than international currency for international payments
XRP is 10 times safer than international currency for international payments

By Ulu_Olcayto | Bitcoin Vs Altcoin | 1 week ago

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’Digital assets have a baseless critique of volatility, Twitter said Ripple, Global Corporate Markets President Breanne Madigan. That's why we've tampered with the numbers and found that a typical XRP payment is actually 1/10 of the volatility of a nominal money and a SWIFT payment. '

SWIFT is the current international standard for cross-border payments. It is also a 46-year-old corporation and outdated by technological standards.

International wire transfers through SWIFT take between 1-14 days. In particular, Ripple's work compares a typical wire transfer between the US dollar and the Mexican Peso (USDMXN). It then compares it using XRP

Ripple seems to be the best alternative for now, as SWIFT is unlikely to improve its operations in this century. In addition, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse emphasized this in an interview in October:If you increase 270,000 seconds (more than 3 days) in a low volatility asset and compare it to 3 or 4 seconds in a high volatility entity such as XRP, you're taking less risk of volatility in the XRP transaction.


The XRP's volatility profile is interesting. Unusual, because the price conditions in the encrypted currency are mostly stable. However, anyone who has been dealing with crypto during the last two years will tell you that there are periods of crazy volatility.

This was the subject of the study and we mentioned some advantages. However, if you had to hold the XRP for a few hours during a transaction, the value of your capital could change significantly, sometimes up to 30%.

On the whole, however, one must accept the fact that speed is the biggest advantage of the XRP. In fact, we can say that it is too fast to be protected from exchange rate differences and similar risks and the resulting risk is much lower than the nominal money.

Bitcoin Vs Altcoin
Bitcoin Vs Altcoin

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