How to mining Bitcoins (Beginner's): Mine Bitcoin step by step

By Paul Stanley | Bitcoin Mining | 21 Oct 2019

If you really serious about Bitcoin? You want to earn bitcoin, then you are at the right place for a detailed manual for beginners that will tell you how to mine bitcoins online with detail step by step instructions.

First You need BitCoin Mining Rig

First, You have owned a bitcoin mining rig. At the time of bitcoin launch, You can mine bitcoin using your desktop computer, Later you need a graphics card to mine bitcoin, Today you can't get a single portion of bitcoin using those machines. Today bitcoin is mined by special high configuration hardware which is specially designed to mine bitcoins. Also, you need the same algorithm called, Application Specific Integrated Circuit Chips (ASIC). It needs less electricity and mines bitcoins faster. But this device is too expensive and time-consuming.

Second, Get Bitcoin Wallet

Next, You have to set Bitcoin Wallet. This is the place where you receive your bitcoins and will be able to manipulate with them. It allows you to manage your bitcoin address. Bitcoin address is in the form of machine private key and public key. There are multiple types of wallets available online. All have some advantages and disadvantages. I recommended to use as per your requirements and read all online reviews about the wallet before go for it.

Third, Join Mining Pool

If you have good hardware configuration or you have ASIC miner, then also it's now impossible to mine bitcoin today because of competition. Don't worry here is the solution, You can join bitcoin mining pools. Miners provide their computing power to a group and once bitcoin is mined, then it is divided among member of the pools as per as each computing power.

How to get Bitcoin Mining Program for your computer?

If you set up everything like Hardware, Wallet and You Join pool. Next, it's time to get a mining client to run on your computer. It helps you to connect to the Blockchain and Bitcoin Network. It delivers work to miners and helps to collect the complete result of their work and also add all the bitcoin information to the Blockchain.

How to Start Final Mining?

Now, It's time to start your mining work. Connect your miner to a power outlet, connect it with your PC and install mining software. Add your information about your wallet and mining pool into the bitcoin mining software. choose hardware or device and it Begins!

What are the best mining websites in the bitcoin mining world?

You can store your Bitcoin mining machine in a professional datacenter and you can make benefit from the advantageous price of the high speed internet connection and electricity.

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Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin Mining

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