By kazanmaxx | Bitcoin Liquidations | 23 May 2020

On May 19, Grayscale, the major digital asset management fund, pointed out that its assets under management increased more than 80% over the course of a year, increasing assets from $ 2.1 billion to $ 3.8 billion. This development shows that corporate money is slowly flowing to cryptocurrencies. A large part of the investment was made to the top cryptocurrency Bitcoin at CoinMarketCap. Generally, institutional investors take a long-term view and do not be bothered by short-term price movements. Similarly, traders should keep some of their investments in long-term positions and not hurry to close positions in small decline.

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Bitcoin (BTC) fell from $ 9,953.33 on May 18, and on May 20, bulls and bears made a sign of indecision intraday candlestick pattern.

Above $ 10,000, I think the BTC / USD rate will rise to the $ 10,500 resistance line of the symmetrical triangle.
Both moving averages are sloping upwards and the RSI is close to 60 levels, indicating that the bulls have the upper hand. On the contrary, if the bears defend an aggressive $ 227.09 levels, the ETH / USD rate could fall to the $ 202 level to the 20-day EMA.

The index has seen a significant change since last month when traders were in the region of extreme fear, showing that it is neutral in Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Liquidations
Bitcoin Liquidations

The recent increase in bitcoin sales could have caused the market to overbought. As investors enter the market, purchases and sales increase; this means that a fierce news can send cryptocurrency owners for sale. Logan Han cryptocurrency analysts believe it is the start of a big sale to follow the split.

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