Ethereum and bitcoin how far will they go?
Bitcoin and ethereum

Ethereum and bitcoin how far will they go?

By Justinzzr | Bitcoin b | 29 Aug 2020

On 30th July 2015 stated the announcement of a new promising crypto. And the 24hrs supply eth volume is $8.74B .

Over the years ethereum has overpowered a lot of its competitors except the origin of crypto bitcoin by satoshi Nakamoto on 3rd January 2009 although bitcoin has had it's up and downs it is still varying as the best with $11k dollars presently. And on the beginning of 2020 eth was about ranging 100-200$ and now is worth 400$ by this estimation it would reach 700$ possibly by the end of the year or more but still we give ethereum the second spot as being the crypto that will one day overpower bitcoin.

But on top of all this their market supply is high and 80% of ethereum is bought and 20% is sold. But the question now is would bitcoin reach 20k dollars by 2025-2030 well determining by supply and the current pandemic that is going on which has caused crypto to increase prices ,there would be a promised possibility of a 72% chance of this actually happening because now all crypto lovers involve in bitcoin and ethereum some engage in dogecoin litecoin and dai and that small percentage of people make those different assets grow and if those people engaged in bitcoin then an 80% chance would be given that by 2025 bitcoin would seemingly reach 20000$.

And on another note that mining crypto is also very popular giving people the opportunity to get a small percentage of bitcoin from the mining what I'm saying is that through the upcoming years we are sure to expect that bitcoin and ethereum will blow away their competitors provided that the amount of individuals who participate in crypto increase.

Some tips on getting crypto

earlier stated it is good to know about crypto and they're worth because the more you invest in crypto the more liable you are to see profit like even litecoin dash zcash etc are all growing because of the community

1)I suggest creating a micro wallet like and claiming crypto from different faucets and storing it here.

2)I suggest learning about crypto investment and to also check a review online before buying a power plan or cloud mining service and a fee will be paid but don't worry it isn't more it still shows your profit is more than your loss like genesis mining.

3)you can engage in staking tokens or betting bitcoin in casino poker etc but the risk is you might be at a huge loss.

Thank you.


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Bitcoin b
Bitcoin b

Bitcoin is still first on the crypto list? Well as the crypto grows more and more people add to it

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