Revolution ll

Revolution ll

By Santi21 | BITCOIN AND FRIENDS | 2 May 2019


Part ll



If someone has told you in the past that you can easily send any amount of money to someone without the supervision of a third party, 
you would not believe it. Not only do cryptoms offer you the opportunity to take more than 8,000 euros with you when traveling outside
of the Shengen area, as no one will delete the key from you and use it to connect to your wallet at any time. High divisibility A gold brick or a one-crown coin - this cannot be realistically divided into smaller units. This does not apply to Bitcoine. Called. "Satoshi" is the smallest Bitcoin unit recorded in Blockchaine. More precisely, it is one hundred millionth of this coin
(ie 0.00000001 BTC). Such small amounts open up new possibilities. For example, if we consider a new way of charging online media, when clicks will have
real value in money. decentralization This is probably the most important concept that the cryptoms have brought to the world. Just as there is internet storage, cryptoms
exist for storing value. Moreover, this blockchain technology can completely change our lives - because blockchain projects deal with
different (and often beneficial) ideas.

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