Revolution l

Revolution l

By Santi21 | BITCOIN AND FRIENDS | 2 May 2019


Part l

Revolution in finance
For the whole history of finance - from barter to internet banking - Bitcoin is the biggest change in the principle of money,
with its decentralization playing a major role. In 10 years of existence, he has built a market of several billions of dollars
and has brought new practices and ideas to the world of finance and technology. And it just begins to integrate into society… Digital resistance Since Bitcoin is a digital currency, resilience is relative. In addition, storing savings in cryptocurrencies is much more convenient
than, for example, storing gold or money in a bank. Bitcoin is designed so that only a person who knows the so-called. "Private key" has access to Bitcoin at a public address with which
to do anything. Unlike a few suitcases full of banknotes or gold bricks, the user can keep their Bitcoins at that address - any number of them. Moreover,
the deposit of a trillion Czech crowns in BTC will cost you the same money as a millionth of Bitcoin. The user has a choice of ways to store Bitcoin. The safest way to store it is on hardware storage, but sometimes it is easier to remember
15 words to get your internet wallet at any time.

What si youts optinions?

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