McAfee Card?

By Santi21 | BITCOIN AND FRIENDS | 29 Apr 2019

Hi news card??



One of the most famous figures of the cryptosvet and the great cryptocenter, John McAfee, has once again developed the waters

and says we can soon look forward to his new debit bitcoin card. It should be accepted in all locations where you can use Visa cards!

In his home from the Bahamas, where he is currently staying, he introduced a proposal for his new cryptomenal debit card and

promises to release his new Visa bitcoin card soon. It should be accepted in all locations where Visa can be used.

But since we all know McAfee's promises (the last one, for example, on how to reveal the identity of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamota), let's not take it as a ready-made thing.



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Hello. This is not my video but I recommend to see it

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