McAfee Card? ll

By Santi21 | BITCOIN AND FRIENDS | 29 Apr 2019


McAfee dard Part 2


I am convinced that this new John's idea will surely provoke a violent discussion and cryptocurrency response. 
As we have become accustomed to at McAfee, it is simply not possible to do so without any controversy and theater.
But it cannot be denied that this product proposed by him has the potential to bring Bitcoin among "ordinary" people
and to help further the spread of cryptoms. We can only hope that these cryptomenal hopes of mass-adoption John will not
disappoint and come up with some stupid excuse why it did not end up An interesting and great thing is the QR code on the back of the card, which serves as a bitcoin deposit address. If this
feature is added to the final product, people will be able to receive payments very easily.

What do you think.


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Hello. This is not my video but I recommend to see it

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