Shark Tank Meets Blockchain - With Pitch Investors Live

Shark Tank Meets Blockchain - With Pitch Investors Live

While it would be fair to say that I have a penchant for the kind of beat-down altcoins that others might more commonly refer to as "shitcoins", I do at least like to believe that I have an eye for spotting a diamond in the rough.  Overlooked "gems".  And in crypto, while nothing is ever guaranteed, for those willing to take the risk, this is where the BIG money is usually made - should you get it right.  

And with the price of PITCH having fallen so far below its initial ICO price as I type, that it's almost laughable - having plummeted from around 9 cents (best as I can tell), to a tenth of a tenth of a cent, it definitely falls well within this category...

Pitch Token

The native cryptocurrency of the Pitch Investors Live platform and app, a project that seeks to marry the edu-tainment of popular investment-centric television programs such as Shark Tank, and the equally popular Dragon's Den, with blockchain.  Pitch token in its most basic form is the currency used to pay for services by those looking to "pitch" investors via the site, in hope of securing funds with which to move forwards, much in the same way as the aforementioned shows.  Investors that at time of posting include Shark Tank's own, Kevin Harrington, from earlier episodes of the hit-show.  And also his son, Brian Harrington, the "Millionaire Mentor" Jason stone, and other noted investors, with more being on-boarded with growing frequency.  Which while interesting in-and-of itself, having such noteworthy names involved with the project from the world of venture-capital investment, merely hints at the platforms true potential - should the Pitch Investors Live team be able to meet their true vision for the platform as outlined in their whitepaper, and realize their goals of making Pitch something truly revolutionary...


When analyzing PITCH as a possible investment choice, I decided not just to look at the state of the project, but also first at the scope of its potential.  And if nothing else, there's no denying that the concept at least has already proven itself to be a popular one across other formats.  With Dragon's Den in the UK having now run on prime-time television for over ten years, now well into its sixteenth season.  The similar US-aired Shark Tank racking up similar success being on its tenth season.  With numerous spin-offs, and international variations galore also enjoying success across such countries as Ireland, Canada, Brasil, and Vietnam.  All of which having at least one popular version of the show themselves.  With air-time hungry entrepreneurs applying in their thousands to be on the shows, in search of expansion capital, and exposure.  

Pitch Investors Live, and its future potential

While over at Telegram PITCH has almost zero-community right now, they have no listing, and their main exchange volume-wise is the slightly-shady HitBTC - all of which could cast warning signs upon the project.  Over at Facebook, where in addition to the app, their live-pitches are streamed via Facebook-live, their community IS growing.  But the real potential of the PItch Investors Live platform, for me at least, would fully reveal itself, if and when they're able to, as per their road-map and intended plans shared over at Telegram, integrate the "atomic-swaps" functionality.  Which would evolve the Pitch platform from a merely passive experience like its television forerunners, into something more interactive, and immersive.  A Shark Tank like experience, in which those watching and interacting at home, on their phones and computers, could engage directly with the entrepreneurs pitching, and even (using PITCH tokens) invest, on-platform, in the projects and businesses on offer.  Via-token swaps and the buying and selling of equity.  Which, if carried out well, could transform the PITCH platform into something akin to the QVC of easy, entertaining, investment.  Where Joe Bloggs at home could invest and diversify into a portfolio of interesting and unique cryptographically-secure assets, just as easily as he or she might pick up the phone to purchase a salad-spinner, or a floor-steamer.  Something that will hopefully become reality in the near future.

To get a taste of how the Pitch Investors Live platform works, you can check out a recent pitch from the platform below...

And you can also check out the web-app HERE and/or join the Pitch Telegram group HERE to become part of the community.  

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