The Best and worse Litecoin Faucets 2020

By AlABB | Bit The System | 27 Dec 2020

What are the best faucets for Litecoin ?

 After the small hiccup that happened last week, we finally see some of our favorite crypto recovering, unfortunately some of them wont be going to their former prices anytime soon. in the midst of this recovery, litecoin has been bullish, going from $102 to $134 in just 7 days, with a brighter future ahead.

 In respect to faucets, an increase in the value of the coin leads to decrease in payouts, hence it is important to invest your time and effort in the most promising faucets out there. Below are the top 3 faucets that have the best payout, with extra activity that earns you more.

Earn Crypto

This faucet initially requires to you to choose the prefered balance which you would like to be paid in, in this case litecoin is the preferred choice. It offers a range of tasks that makes you able to get the most out of it in a day. The minimum amount to withdraw is 0.002 LTC and Transaction fee is 0.001 LTC, however if your amount sums up to 0.073694  LTC or more, you can withdraw without a fee. It is definitely one of the best faucets out there.

Fire Faucet

This is one of the leading Auto-Faucets, that rewards users with their choice of crypto. A unique feature in this faucet allows you to automatically claim your coins by collecting ACP ( Auto Claim Points ). The ACP coins can be claimed in various ways, but the most convenient and easiest way for me is through watching PTC ads. Withdrawals are easy and fast, and your balance can be deposited straight to your wallet. the minimum amount to withdraw is 0.02 LTC and maximum daily withdrawal is  0.07511702 LTC.

Faucet Crypto

Just like the rest of the above mentioned faucets, this faucets offers a wide range of coins, but the unique feature in this, is that not only does it multiple activities, but with every milestone you reach, your level is increased and your claims go up as well. you can claim free tokens every 40 minutes, and the best part is that it doesnt have those annoying captcha. minimum withdrawal is 0.00011200 LTC and withdrawal fee is 0.00001120 LTC.


What are the Worse Litecoin Faucets for 2020?

  Their is plenty of worse faucets out there but only a few deserve the honorable mention. as most of these faucets will just waster your time and effort. without further a due.


The faucet has a crazy withdrawal fee, which includes 0.001 LTC network fee and another 0.002 LTC which is more of a hidden charge, this adds up to a total of 0.003 just for withdrawal. with the price of LTC going up, the claims on rolls are decreasing hence making it a lifetime mission just to withdraw a small fraction of LTC coin. The current claim per hour is around 0.00000570 LTC, if you do 10 claims. The multiplier and lottery are a rip off as well.

Moon LiteCoin

The faucet used to be a decent one with good claim rate, but as you level up your bonus keeps getting smaller. The loyalty bonus, which is earned by daily consecutive claims, can be reset to zero by just missing out a day of claim.

Happy holidays and happy claiming to all of you, i will keep updating the post so please be sure to check it out. stay safe at home and safe from faucet scams.


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