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Top 5 AI Crypto Coins

Top 5 AI Crypto Coins

By Maneul | Maneul Crypto | 29 Jan 2023

Is it possible that AI related Cryptocurrencies will make you rich? because of an AI platform which is ChatGPT is trending now. In this article you will know the Top 5 AI Crypto Coins, this is based on the Forbes Advisor article but on their post it has 10 Crypto Coins but today I will only give you the 5, just let me know if you want part 2 of this article. 


The Graph (GRT) 


It is an indexing protocol for querying data on Networks such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana, Binance Smart Chain and others. What is Indexing? In a simple explanation, Indexing is a way to find a specific information more easily, just like indexes in a book where it is easier to find a topic or information you want to know, because it is listed alphabetically from a to z , then there is a page where you can read it. So instead of reading the whole book, the index will help you to speed up your search.

Another example is that The Graph can be compared to Google, when you search on Google it gives suggestions of websites or answers to your search. But here at The Graph it works on the Blockchain, so it can help a lot to easily find out specific data in a Network. This is also one of the problems with Blockchain because it will make it difficult to find a certain data or transaction. Although it is public but mostly of these are not decentralized like The Graph and as of writing this article the price of the graph is $0.09.


SingularityNET (AGIX)


It is a blockchain platform where everyone is allowed to build, share and monetize AI services. It has an internal marketplace where users can browse and pay for AI services using its native cryptocurrency AGIX. So developers can make money from the AI ​​solutions and models they sell. Other developers also use it to buy AI solutions and models to use in their AI applications and as of writing this article, the price of AGIX is $0.16. (FET)


It is an AI and machine learning platform based on Blockchain. is about automating business such as data processing and trading, this platform also provides tools to developers to optimize other industries such as Smart Homes, Supply Chain in transportation. Its native Cryptocurrency is FET which is used to pay transactions in the network and as of writing this article, the price of FET is $0.26.


Ocean Protocol (Ocean)


Ocean is an open source protocol that allows individuals and businesses to exchange and monetize data in a secure and transparent manner. Developers can create applications such as secure access to data from multiple sources including public and private data repositories. It also has a marketplace for data owners and buyers to buy, sell or trade data assets in a secure way. Users can also create Smart Contracts to automate the exchange of digital assets between two parties using the Decentralized nature of Ocean. As of writing this article the price of Ocean is $0.37.


iExec RLC (RLC)


It is an AI Blockchain platform that allows its users to monetize their computing power and to access on demand cloud computing resources here. It can also support different fields such as Data Industries, Healthcare, Rendering, and Fintech. RLC is the native Cryptocurrency here and is still used to pay for the use of services on the platform. As of writing this article the price of RLC is $1.73.



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The Information contained in this article is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice, investment advice, trading advice or any other advice. 


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