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How to get FAT in a SHORT period of time!

By BigPicture | BigPicture | 15 Jun 2022

Hello friends! When you think of fat people you might be thinking of the internet troll who lives in his/her Mom's basement and plays World of Warcraft all day. But there is more complexity to the reasons why people become fat, including myself. I actually started gaining weight because I wanted to get RIPPED at the gym and become a giga Chad. I was making good progress, but I was also too poor to afford the amount of food I needed to keep up with the gains. So I did what every aspiring body builder does, I bought PROTEIN SHAKES baby! All jokes aside, the protein shakes were really disgusting and I did not want to live like that. I started counting the calories and protein in food boxes. I started eating chicken, and prepping meals. This was actually a healthy habit. After about 6 months, I was a miniature body builder. I had the contour, but not the size. Then I discovered twinkies I started eating a pack a day for 30 days to gain 15 pounds, and I definitely did. But I also started to not go to the gym as much. Then I thought, well I should get more protein because there are too many carbs in these Twinkies, what am I doing to myself! That's when I started pounding double quarter pounders from McDonalds every day for 30 days. I did not lose my buffness, but  I was certainly starting to gain an extra chin. This was pre-covid mind you.

After I stepped on the scale and realized I was at the correct weight for the amount of bulkiness I wanted to obtain, I stopped eating like a pig. However, I started having other problems. I became fatigued easily, and had way less motivation to do anything active. I then decided to try and lose the extra weight I gained by eating healthier. The problem is, I started craving unhealthy foods. I couldn't resist the urge to stop at McDonalds and buy a half pound grease ball. And now, because of my idiotness, I am currently 35 pounds above my pre lifting weight. I have way less energy. My job requires computer work, so I don't get any exercise. Only recently have I decided to start going outside again. I have hypertension and high cholesterol due to my poor choices.

If you are not fat, do not try to gain weight. Not everyone is meant to get bigger, but if you must, please be very disciplined about your diet. Don't be like me, regretting such an avoidable problem I made for myself.

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