I Would Stay Away From Gala Game's Town Star
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I Would Stay Away From Gala Game's Town Star

By SoaringMoon | beyond | 30 Aug 2020

I was first introduced to Gala Game's through the Brave Browser full page new tab advertising about them, which in the words of our team lead;

"They must've paid an arm and a leg for that advertisement" - Beyondtoshi


Regardless, the game itself Town Star is alright. It is a basic FarmVille clone. Fitting considering it is purportedly created by Farmville developer Eric Schiermeyer, and Zynga co-founder. The game has you place a city on a world map of Earth, which is admittedly pretty cool. Followed by modifying a virtual area of your own in order to optimize it to generate the highest number of points, represented by stars. This turns into a ranking where weekly, users are rewarded in the GALA cryptocurrency token relative to their position on the leaderboard.

That is just fine, except for one important thing. I couldn't find nearly any information about their cryptocurrency token. It took me asking a member of the community before finding it was an ETH token, and even more prying before I got the contract address.


Which doesn't really give me much to work from itself. The number of tokens in circulation, the number of holders, who the richest is, and how many decimal places the token is calculated to. This is all missing as far as I can see here.

On their website, there is an option to purchase their token. Clearly indicated by their "Click below to buy GALA with fiat currency." statement.


Going to this website, which is CoinGate, who I am sure has no knowledge of their affiliation with this newly minted growing business has no listing for the token on their site. They only trade the usual suspects.


Trying to claim 100 free GALA that comes with registration, I learned has the understandable restriction of playing the game for 3 consecutive days to prevent abuse.  Upon confronting the community about not being able to use CoinGate to buy GALA token, I was met with this response.


As you can see, they are not selling GALA, although, members of the community are privately trading it. Last I checked some user earned 2 million GALA by operating a node they had purchased from GALA games, which nets a revenue stream of some sort for the purchaser. They appear to be selling their 2 million GALA which is at the commendable price, at the time of writing, of 0.00000125 ETH each or 0.0005 USD. Each node costs 2000 USD to purchase.


Another member of the community said that the community agreed on a going rate of 0.001 USD at a later time, but I digress.

Without access to a proper exchange, with high trade volume and sizable liquidity, it is impossible to know its real value. Moreso, they don't seem to be listed on any exchange, let alone a reputable one. Not even distributed exchanges. Not even Uniswap as far as I can tell (though to be fair I didn't exactly try).

At this current time however, there seems to be a plan to move GALA away from the Ethereum Network, some time in the future. We can only hope that Gala Games keeps their bitcoin paying gold members in the loop about future plans.


But for now, I think I will stay away from Gala Games, and their Town Star property. Although the game itself runs fine, and was a joy to play. Their economic outlook seems dubious at best, smelling a bit fishy, and looking a tad secretive. I prefer to have the data about my cryptocurrencies open, and the currency itself easy to trade.


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