Daily Data - 12July2021

By Rands888 | Beyond the Blog | 13 Jul 2021

It's Manic Monday, wish it was Sunday...

When will the market recover? Is this the new normal? It seems like we take 1 step forward and 2 back. How will you handle the rest of the week? Will you stay strong and HODL on or cave to the pressure and get out while you can? Stay strong everyone, you got this...


Today in History (10July):

1862 - The Medal of Honor was created

1861 - Wild Bill Hickok's first gunfight

1990 - Boris Yeltsin resigns from the Communist Party


Quote of the Day:

It always seems impossible until it is done - Nelson Mandela


Thoughts that may interest only me:

What will it take to get our leaders to get off their personal ambitions and start working for those who put them there? We need our various leaders to feel the pressure of our will. We need them to ignore the noise from the elites and/or famous and start giving the power back to the people. Our government officials are drunk on power and simply don't care what we want. How do we change that? Will it take violence such as we see in Cuba? 

One thing is clear that any normal, non-political person can tell you: We don't have a racial issue in the civilized world, we have a government wanting more control issue. How do we make them stop?

A separate issue that I will be making a specific post about: What happens after the London upgrade (#ETH)?


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I am a Quality and Reliability Professional, Navy Veteran, Plant-Based Triathlete. I am also crypto enthusiast who trades, collects, and mines for the past few years now.

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