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Daily Data - 10July2021

By Rands888 | Beyond the Blog | 11 Jul 2021

Saturday is upon us!

The #crypto market stability continues to simply...suck. If we want things to smooth out, we need to start thinking about basic economics and shut out the media, individuals, and government influences. Set up your auto-trades and get out of the house for a while!


Today in History (10July):

1985 - A french bomb sinks Greenpeace's flagship - Rainbow Warrior

1943 - Allies land on Sicily

1962 - US patent issued for the 3-point seatbelt


Quote of the Day:

I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade... And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party. - Ron White


Thoughts that may interest only me:

#Chia ( #XCH ) is more mainstream now as they have officially launched 1.2.0 which supports Pools. No more will the little guy be fighting with the Chinese who signed over their personal keys to amass a solid third of all network space. Things will begin to even out the longer we all "farm". Mining Chia (called farming) is much more cost-effective than mining any other coin. It uses available hard drive space instead of nonexistent GPUs or ASIC equipment. Granted, HDDs are going up in price, but nothing like GPU/ASIC costs. You can put a chia rig together for under $500 and then add an external HDD for another $100 - $200 depending on size.

Here is an updated review:


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I am a Quality and Reliability Professional, Navy Veteran, Plant-Based Triathlete. I am also crypto enthusiast who trades, collects, and mines for the past few years now.

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