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possible 100X gains(betfury new game)

By Raz12 | Betfury | 10 Feb 2021

soooo, we got a new In-house betfury game called Limbo.



In the game, you can choose your bet amount(obviously) and your multiplier target.

Let's say I chose a multiplier of 20X, every time the "ship" pass the 20X, you earn, if it didn't get to the 20X, you lost your money.

Now, of course, this is gambling, but I think this game has nice potential for earnings, here is an example:



I used a multiplier of 35X while spending some Btt for testing, and well, this kind of numbers showed pretty often, and that was quite impressive.



I don't have any strategy yet, just playing for fun, you all can go try it out and see if you can make some huge gains.

Just remember, CASINO, you will probably lose your money, invest only what you can afford to lose.


P.s, just got another great win


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