CoinPayU UPDATE: Faucets removed!

By FreeCryptoBro | Earn Free Crypto! | 22 Dec 2023

CoinPayU is one of the Cryptofaucets that I have promoted a lot & recently they announced a big update:

they are removing their free Crypto faucets!




It's amazing that they had it for such a long time, they really had a huge choice of Cryptos to claim.

The faucets will be closed on December 25th. Until then you should withdraw your faucets balance to your main balance.


Despite the faucets being removed, all the standard PTC & offerwall earning options will remain.

We will see how CoinPayU will look after the faucets get removed. I have recently stopped video advertising on their site because they removed that option. I wish them the best of luck.


If you want to know for similar sites like CoinPayU, here are some of my favorites:

  • Final Autoclaim Dutchy Corp - best Crypto autofaucet with a huge choice of Cryptos to claim. You do have to keep it turned on, on a pc or old laptop, but this is definitely one of the best free Crypto sites online.


  • EarnBitMoon - my favorite Cryptofaucet with a 5 min timer. Many different earning options & different Cryptos available for withdrawal.


  • Faucet Crypto - Classic Cryptofaucet with a nice choice of Cryptos to claim (supports only direct wallet withdrawals, DO NOT withdraw to FaucetPay). Faucet Crypto is one of the oldest cryptofaucets, although a little bit slow (loading time for PTCs) this is one of the most reliable Cryptofaucets.


  • CoinPayz - Another classic Cryptofaucet with a really nice offerwall & many different withdrawal options.


  • FaucetOfBob - Amazing Cryptofaucet with many earning options. Many different Cryptos with different withdrawal options. Note: turn on your AD block for this site & grind PTCs/Shortlinks until you level up (when you level up you will have additional earning options & autofaucet).


  • FireFaucet - Great autofaucet (although with a very slow leveling process).


  • Aruble - very simple & cool faucet on a 5 minute timer - withdraw to FaucetPay.




If you need any help, feel free to write.


Thanks a lot for reading, have a nice weekend people!




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Earn Free Crypto!
Earn Free Crypto!

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