Why Polkadot Could Be a Great Investment!

Why Polkadot Could Be a Great Investment!



As many of you knows, I'm a big fan of Polkadot.

Today I want to tell you about the potential that, in my opinion, DOT will have in the future!


Polkadot is more than a single blockchain, it's an ecosystem of connected blockchains.

The central chain (Relay chain) provides security for the entire network. And the side chains (Parachains) increase the network's capacity.

Each of these parachains has its own blockchain, and each can be optimized for a specific purpose, like file storage, financial services, communication and others.

Last but not the least, Bridges. These allow parachains to connect to external networks like Ethereum or others.

Polkadot not only supports its own ecosystem, but it also integrates with existing networks, allowing communication between platforms that can't normally communicate.



By using parachains, Polkadot can process more transactions in parallel.

The first parachains are slated to launch later this year. But when they do, Wood believes the network may handle as many as 1 million transactions per second.

Lately the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains process about 10-15 transactions per second, therefore they have a big scalability problem. DOT, now, can compute more then 1000 transactions/sec.

Polkadot's goal is to build a completely decentralized internet.

Polkadot's ability to connect and secure an ecosystem of blockchains makes it a more scalable solution than its predecessors.


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