When the Heart Fears Most, The Spirit Will Rise
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When the Heart Fears Most, The Spirit Will Rise

As many know I have ranted and raved for a while attacking God's enemies but the living spirit has said enough has been said. The time is now for the living God to be believed. There is no longer a need to attack his enemies, enough people who love God and seen the truth of their reality. Now is the time to give praise and thanks for peace  that was ours for so many years. Now is the time to give thanks that we believe in the Shepard Jesus of Nazareth.

Now is not the time to attack he says but to give thanks for the peace that was, that is, and will be.

Revelation Chapter 7, V 2 "Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, not the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads."

This is the time, you must decide who you will serve. 

These words may not mean much to many but if means anything to you, I tell you God has said, Decide. Make up your mind now. Am I a lunatic old man or is Hell is about to erupt on earth and you must make a choice now. This is obvious to anyone who can discern the sign of the times. There is no need to go any further down the of attacking Gods enemies, they have made themselves known. 

No now is the time to give thanks and praise for the peace we have had for many years. Now is the time to decide who you will serve. The truth is being revealed and now you must open your eyes and see or be blind, following others blindly into oblivion. 

Put on your full suit for armor now.

Onward Christian Solider, boldly without fear. 

Voice of Freedom
Voice of Freedom

Just a old man with an opinion of most anything. Music Reviewer, also Recorded 7 lp's 2 punk, 5 country and country rock and roll. Record Collector trying to figure out how to sell records over the block chain. Writing a blog for the last three years.

Voices for Freedom
Voices for Freedom

A voice for free speech, religious freedom, monetary freedom, freedom from government (Swamp) control. From from lies and deception. "Let no man fool you by any means." Freedom from political tyranny. Freedom a voice that never dies. As more voices shout FREEDOM, "Give Me liberty or give me death." * Patrick Henry

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