"We the People" are the patsy this time.

"We the People" are the patsy this time.

I read a lost of post and comments on this site. I do not use any other sites. I have my own blog which I link to when the article is appropriate. I hear a lot of people speaking up not so much for President Trump as for freedom against censorship and government corruption. This is the New World Order, of communist hive minds globalist. So many people on this site leave antagonist comments or negative feedback apparently for no reason except as they say myself and I suppose others all go around with our tin foil hats on every day of our lives.

"I'm only the patsy" shouted Lee Harvey Oswald when he was arrested for President Kennedy's murder. What will you believe?

This is the same position Trump supporters are being put in today by the (NORTHEASTWESTSOUTH opinion globalist of the mockingbird media. "It's a mostly peaceful protest." the opinion piece reported as buildings burned in the back ground. 

This time around "WE THE PEOPLE" are being made the patsy. We are the ones they will accuse of every crime they commit. Suddenly the mockingbird media is pretending they are reporting real news. They are suggesting a conspiracy theory of their own. 

Rather than get involved in debates on the social media outlets. Close all your accounts unless they are used for $, Stop listening to mockingbird media of the globalist, here it comes, the cliques, The Hive Mind, haha. 

The news outlets have told the American people lies for 4 years, now  they want us to believe them? That is a laugh. They want us to believe President is a Dictator, yet they are the ones losing their minds and dictating lockdowns that is DICTATORSHIP, your minds are all reprobate. What does that mean? It means you cannot make clear and rational decisions. Your minds are muddle buy the communist double talk. You know, political correctness, social justice, "gender studies." "transgender," all double talk communist led confusion to make a patsy's out of "We the People."

People are afraid of the truth, their voices of silence are voices of fear. They prefer the lies to the truth. "Freedom is Slavery*," they can never understand because their minds are reprobate, they cannot make a logical decision in their new reality. They will believe anything and do anything they are told from now on. 


*George Orwell 1984

Voice of Freedom
Voice of Freedom

Just a old man with an opinion of most anything. Music Reviewer, also Recorded 7 lp's 2 punk, 5 country and country rock and roll. Record Collector trying to figure out how to sell records over the block chain. Writing a blog for the last three years.

Voices for Freedom
Voices for Freedom

A voice for free speech, religious freedom, monetary freedom, freedom from government (Swamp) control. From from lies and deception. "Let no man fool you by any means." Freedom from political tyranny. Freedom a voice that never dies. As more voices shout FREEDOM, "Give Me liberty or give me death." * Patrick Henry

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