Voices from the Past

Voices from the Past

How many of you enjoy watching old movies? Watching an old movie today I heard something I had never heard used before in referring to communism. The word is fratricide. This is the definition, out of Miriam Webster "one that murders or kills his or her own brother or sister or an individual (such as a countryman) having a relationship like that of a brother or sister."

In America people are being attacked because they are either somehow associated with the President or the support him. People seem to not be able to discern the sign of the times. If innocent people are being attacked for no other reason then is that not straight out of the playbook of The Nazi's, The Communist, The Fascist, Socialist and all of the others who fellow the logic of the enslavement or murder of their political enemies. 

"Communism is a vast conspiracy to enslave the common man." This is a quote from an old movie. 

So what are you seeing in the USA today? Can you discern the sign of the times?

Are you questioning why are people attacking their political enemies. Because these people are out to commit fratricide, this new word I had never heard.

Murder is what we are talking about. You see this reality raising it ugly head. 

Violence is the the weapon of choice of these traitors to humanity. These globalist, communist, hive mind people. Do as we say or else. The same old mantra.  

Another quote, "I hate these domesticated communist they make me sick."  A voice answers. "We need them till we take power and liquidate."

"Creating an epidemic will cause fear and people will be afraid to work." 

This old movie was released sometime in the 50's.

As these present day communist make their move to take over America, where are the political leaders who once did all in their power to stop the spread of communism in America. Our current political leaders are doing all in their power to embrace communism and expect us  to go along with  the lie of fratricide clan who would murder fellow countrymen for the ideal of the communist hive mind. "The Greater Good." 

"There are many great things in our American constitution, but I resent the people who wish to destroy us can use it against us."

NANCY Pelosi, and her gang and Mitch McConnell and his gang, are some of these communist traitors? Let them deny it and then let us look at what they have voted for and what they have done in their name in office and position as an elected official. Have they broken the very laws they demand we obey. Have they turned traitors to the communist party? Many American's have in the past, why could it not be so today?

When have they stood up for anyone except their own "organized communist hive." They do not speak for anyone who disagrees or will not obey them. Those people are marked as enemies and to be liquidated upon ceasing of power as all the ism do. Enslave and murder, enslave and murder. Good old Communism. 



Voice of Freedom
Voice of Freedom

Just a old man with an opinion of most anything. Music Reviewer, also Recorded 7 lp's 2 punk, 5 country and country rock and roll. Record Collector trying to figure out how to sell records over the block chain. Writing a blog for the last three years.

Voices for Freedom
Voices for Freedom

A voice for free speech, religious freedom, monetary freedom, freedom from government (Swamp) control. From from lies and deception. "Let no man fool you by any means." Freedom from political tyranny. Freedom a voice that never dies. As more voices shout FREEDOM, "Give Me liberty or give me death." * Patrick Henry

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