The sick mind of Nancy Peolosi and the Democrat Hive
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The sick mind of Nancy Peolosi and the Democrat Hive

House introduces gender-neutral language in new rules for Congress

New reforms promote inclusion and diversity. 

By Anagha Srikanth | Jan. 4, 2021*

*   State Bar Passes Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Recommendation

  This headline shows outright how sick this woman is, and apparently as women take power the hate people more than men. This is  the sickest  thing ever introduced by this communist traitor to all American's who happen to disagree.  What a witch. Casting her spells. Soon the spell will be broken when women and fake men pass laws that real mean and women will reject. They want to split America they are doing a good job. Trampling everyone's rights but the poor crybaby, screaming lunatic fringe LBGTQ xyz and what ever you may be. Or the BLM black liars movement or their Thug army ANTIFA (AGAINST NATIONS TRUTH INDIVIDUALS FREEDOM and AMERICA)  These people think we are crazy. Imagine that.  Mother Father, Son, Daughter are now offensive to these crybaby, chicken little lunatic communist. Please leave a negative feedback since then we can see how crazy you are too.   


State Bar Passes Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Recommendation

The resolution does contain conditions limiting its scope. Those include that the state government should only consider making vaccinations mandatory if voluntary COVID-19 vaccinations fall short of producing needed levels of population immunity; that an assessment of the health threat to various communities be made so that perhaps the mandate can be targeted; and that a mandate only be considered after there is expert consensus about the vaccine’s safety and efficacy.**


  Gender neutral language, sick people. Forced c-19 vaccinations, tyranny. A bunch of communist lawyers dismissing your God given rights not to be infringed upon as if they dare anyone to disobey.  Of course you will deny any of this is true.   PMP  Patriot Militia Party For every American who is against this. Black, Yellow, Brown, White, POLKADOT We do not have a problem with diversity we have a problem with insane people in power.                        

Voice of Freedom
Voice of Freedom

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Voices for Freedom

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